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The WarmCore Swim Trainer

Angelfish WarmCore Swim Training Belt

Introducing the new Angelfish WarmCore Swim Training Belt! The Angelfish WarmCore Swim Training Belt was created and developed by Marcia Davis, expert swim instructor, owner of Angelfish Swim School, and author of “Teach Your Child to Swim the Gentle Way”, using techniques acquired from years of teaching water safety and swimming to hundreds of children. She is dedicated to teaching as many children to swim as possible, Marcia and her staff hold this above all else. She also brings a wealth of knowledge in training marine mammals, specifically dolphins and killer whales. The neoprene wrap helps to maintain a child’s core temperature while in the water, as well as provide adequate flotation while mastering basic swimming skills. Marcia has also worked with many children within the autism spectrum as well as anxious and fearful swimmers. The WarmCore belt provides an added feeling of safety and security to the swimmer by gently adding pressure to a child’s midsection. When using the WarmCore, your child will have full use of their arms to learn proper swim techniques. Most other child training devices tend to restrict arm use, thus leading to problems in learning proper skills. The placement of the two flotation pads is located in the rear from the small of the swimmer’s back to the shoulder blade area, this helps to place the child in the proper prone position in the water for swimming. It is very important to try to have your swimmer horizontal in the water with feet close to the surface and their face either in the water or near the water’s surface.

For more information, including how to wear the WarmCore Swim Training Belt, please click here!


The AngelFish WarmCore Swim Training Belt is available for purchase for $30.00 plus shipping and handling, click below to buy your child one today!

Angelfish Swim School

Our Learn to Swim programs utilize positive reinforcement techniques specializing in beginner and novice swimmers.  Each student learns differently, at Angelfish Swim School, we tailor each lesson to each student's individual needs and goals.  Many times, children participate in group swim lessons, only to find later, their swimming skills did not improve.  Private lessons with Angelfish will foster safety, respect and excellent swimming skills for students of all ages!

We have specific programs designed to help people overcome fear of water.  Our instructors are YMCA Swim Instruction Certified and Red Cross CPR/First Aid Certified.


Read My Book!

Teaching one's own child how to swim is perplexing to most parents. Knowing what skills to focus on first, how to reduce fear in your child and build confidence and above all, understanding the valuable steps in the process of learning to swim, will allow any parent to become their own child's personal swim instructor! In this easy to read, instructional guide, all the steps are laid out for you beginning with infants and toddlers up to pre-school and school age children. Even if you are not an expert swimmer, you can teach your child using positive reinforcement techniques and even become a confident swimmer yourself.

-Marcia Davis