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to Teaching Kids to Swim Confidently and Safely and Protecting Pools with Safety Fence

Welcome to Angelfish Swim School!  Our unique facility offers both private and semi-private lessons for all ages in a fun, safe and family friendly environment.  With two pools and programs designed for little growing swimmers, children learn important safety skills in aquatic environments just their size!  We also offer water watcher services for private parties.

You choose the date, time, instructor and pool to best suit your needs  You control your schedule through the system, and you can make changes up to 24 hours in advance through your account if your circumstances change.

We also offer weather related credit to your account if we are unable to swim during your scheduled time.  If in doubt, feel free to call us, but we will contact you 30 minutes before your lesson.  If you don't hear from us, the lesson is probably on.
Simply click the "Book or Sign In" button for our secured booking system.

Read My Book!


Teach Your Child To Swim The Gentle Way is an easy to read, instructional guide that lays out all the steps for you beginning with infants and toddlers up to pre-school age children.  Even if you are not an expert swimmer, you can teach your child using positive reinforcement techniques and become a confident swimmer yourself!


OSCAR Swim Trainer!

This Swim Trainer provides an added feeling of safety and security to the swimmer by gently adding pressure to a child’s midsection. When using the OSCAR, your child will have full use of their arms to learn proper swim techniques. Most other child training devices tend to restrict arm use, thus leading to problems in learning proper skills.

 Swim Training Aid
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