Our Facilities


Many children can feel overwhelmed when learning in large or crowded pools…this can create anxiety, fear and unwillingness to learn.  If a child’s first water experience is perceived as a negative one, it can have lasting effects and may a cause fear based response to swimming.  At Angelfish, our pools are just the right size for developing swimmers, allowing positive learning experiences in environments perfectly suited for each age group and ability.  Based on your child's ability, experience and comfort, you may choose which pool you think would best suit your swimmer.  The age ranges in the pools are flexible.  All pools at Angelfish Swim School use salt water sanitation and Solar Heat to provide a better water experience for our students.

Lil' Otter Pool

Lil’ Otter classes are for swimmers 1 to 4 years.  Where children can increase their skills, learn water independence and grow in confidence.  The medium size allows attainable goals to young learners as they begin to develop further in their swimming abilities.  Skills learned in this course are; proper arm/leg movement and body position, bubble blowing, jump/return, independent back float and swim, roll from prone to back swim, shallow bottom retrievals and distance.  Age appropriate games and interactive play are utilized with students as they learn, allowing important safety skills to be gained while having fun.  Classes for infants 1 year to 2.5 years, offers parents and infants the opportunity to learn basic beginner skills in a comfortable, appropriate space.  Skills learned in this course are; breath control, buoyancy, beginner movement, beginner back float, bubble blowing, wall hold and slip fall-recovery.  Having worked with infants in the water for 10 years, Marcia has refined her technique using positive reinforcement and successive approximations so that each baby learns at their pace in a stress free, calm, enjoyable class.  This is NOT a “survival” course.  This course is intended as a water orientation class, where parent and child learn in small steps at their pace.  We do not agree with certain methods associated with the “survival” teaching strategy.  

Dolphin Pool

Our largest pool is for students from 4 and up.  It is where intermediate to advanced swimmers take their skills to the next level.  Here, our students expand their skill sets to include;  stroke mechanics, (freestyle, 2 back strokes, side stroke and breaststroke) rotary breathing, water treading, distance swims, deck diving, deeper retrievals and rescue skills.