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Have Questions?  Check out our videos to answer any question you might have about swimming at Angelfish Swim School


Tuition is:

Private Lessons: $50 / lesson

The video will describe in more detail what you can expect as far as monthly tuition is concerned!

Lesson Length:

All of our lessons are 30 minutes in length!  

The video will describe in more detail and how to schedule back to back lessons.

What if we miss a class?

No problem at all!  Just login to your parent portal and submit the absence.  Please ensure you submit with more than 24 hours notice.  

We allow 1 (one) absence per calendar month for non weather related illness inside of the 24 hour notice.  

All make ups are good for 90 days.

** Please note, you must be actively enrolled to swim make up lessons!

Reef Safe Sunscreen Only

Please use "Reef Safe" Sunscreen.


Standard sunscreen, when used frequently in our pool, can cause our chemical balances to change and cause unnecessary closures 

Weather Policy

As we are an outdoor program, we know that weather DOES have an impact on your lessons from time to time.  All we ask, is that you submit and absence, prior to your lesson, if there is a storm that might impact your class.

Taking a Break

We ask that you give us 2 weeks notice prior to taking a break from lessons.  

All families are required to submit a withdrawal form found here: 

2023 Withdrawal form

*Verbal withdrawals are not accepted

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