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Our gentle methods create confident swimmers.

Miss Brittany

Swim Instructor - Travel - Lakeland and Plant City

Ages 2+

Angelfish Swim School

Brittany has been a water-bug ever since she could remember. She has always loved swimming and would spend her summers in New Jersey where she grew up in her family pool until the sun went down.


When she turned 16, she took her passion for swimming and became a lifeguard at a local waterpark. She continued her lifeguarding journey until she was 20 years old. She had countless live saves and one real-life CPR experience on a child who thankfully survived the incident. After she retired from lifeguarding, she then became a paraprofessional at Northern Hills Academy, a school in New Jersey for disabled students.


She worked one-on-one with pre-schoolers who had down syndrome and attended multiple workshops on how to handle and teach kids with disabilities.


Brittany just moved to Lakeland Florida in September of 2018 to finish her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She brings her love for swimming and hands-on experience she has gained over the years to Angelfish Swim School!

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