Angelfish Swim Trainer System




The Angelfish Swim Trainer is intended for children above the age of 2. It is NOT a lifesaving device. NEVER leave any child unattended in the water.


Introducing the new Angelfish Swim Trainer! The Angelfish Swim Trainer was created and developed by Marcia Davis, expert swim instructor, owner of Angelfish Swim School, and author of “Teach Your Child to Swim the Gentle Way”, using techniques acquired from years of teaching water safety and swimming to hundreds of children. She is dedicated to teaching as many children to swim as possible, Marcia and her staff hold this above all else.


The neoprene wrap helps to maintain a child’s core temperature while in the water, as well as provide adequate flotation while mastering basic swimming skills.  The swim trainer provides an added feeling of safety and security to the swimmer by gently adding pressure to a child’s midsection. When using the Angelfish Swim Trainer, your child will have full use of their arms to learn proper swim techniques. Most other child training devices tend to restrict arm use, thus leading to problems in learning proper skills. The placement of the two flotation pads is located in the rear from the small of the swimmer’s back to the shoulder blade area, this helps to place the child in the proper prone position in the water for swimming. It is very important to try to have your swimmer horizontal in the water with feet close to the surface and their face either in the water or near the water’s surface.


When fitting the Angelfish Swim Trainer, have your child inhale and hold breath for a moment while you use the convenient Velcro closers to snugly fit the belt. (If using the flotation pads, make sure they are in place in the rear pocket before fitting the Angelfish Swim Trainer). The two flotation pads (included) will give your swimmer enough flotation to safely learn while maintaining the ability to remain at the surface. These two pads will float approximately 25 lbs safely and the neoprene wrap also gives another small amount of flotation for a novice swimmer. It is very important to fit the Angelfish Swim Trainer snugly, but not too tightly around the child.


Our "Swim Buddy" backpack for over 5 years now poolside and sales at our school.  Results have been great, well over 2,000 kids have used it as a learn-to-swim aid!  They are also in use at swim schools from Maine to Georgia, and requests keep coming.

We are embarking on a broad scale effort to reach more parents and help more kids, and until launch of this new effort, "Swim Buddy" will only be available at our school.

Please make arrangements for pickup at our school, or order by phone anytime! 

Steps for helping a child to learn proper swimming techniques:
  1. The child must learn to put his/her face into the water for natural buoyancy.  Many children are frightened of this, especially if they have experienced the unpleasant feeling of water up the nose.  Practicing blowing bubbles either at the surface or with face underwater will help in reducing this problem.  Placing small objects on the step of the pool can encourage children to “look under” to obtain the item.  Do not be afraid to use goggles to help with this, they are tools and should not be discounted.  Highly chlorinated water will sting the eyes and cause discomfort.  Because vision is our primary sense, goggles offer clear vision in the water and no stinging from chlorine, the use of goggles is completely acceptable if your swimmer will wear them.

  2. While using Swim Trainer, work with your swimmer in using their arms.  Most children will naturally kick, however, learning to use arms may take more time.  Having your child try and reach for either your hands in the water or a fun toy is helpful.

  3. As your swimmer begins to blow bubbles and swim more with their face in the water, it may be time to remove one pad from the Swim Trainer.  It is very important that before taking this step, your swimmer has learned to use his/her arms well and can swim at least 5 seconds under water, come up for breath and go back under.  If you are not sure whether to remove a pad, try it while in close proximity to your swimmer and see how they do.  If they are not ready, put the removed pad back in.

  4. Angelfish Swim Trainer is designed to help teach novice swimmers.  As with any flotation device, it should be used as a training tool, slowly reducing flotation as the swimmer’s skills increase.  Once your swimmer can swim on his or her own and the pads are no longer necessary, this Swim Trainer can be used to keep the child warm in cool water.  ​