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Our gentle methods create confident swimmers.

Tyler Sukop


Swim Instructor and Travel Manager

Angelfish Swim School


Tyler has been an Angelfish staff member since 2010, manages our Travel Division and loves what he does!  He is available 5 days a week (including Sunday), and works with children ages 2 and older.  He specializes in beginner to advanced students, Autism Spectrum, and those looking improve stroke mechanics, water treading, competition and endurance training.  His patient encouragement combined with his extensive Angelfish experience make him a great choice.


Tyler has been one with the water since day one. Exhibiting an early interest in everything aqua, he began many recreational, yet intensive, swim related hobbies, from surfing to competitive swim. During his sophomore year in high school he joined the Hazleton Area Swim and Dive traveling Team where he stayed through senior year, polishing strokes and endurance. Shortly after his work with the competitive team, Tyler began training as a lifeguard to make a career doing what he loves and showing others the joy of swimming. In addition to a competitive stroke background and experience using Angelfish’s signature positive reinforcement techniques, he has successfully taught hundreds of individuals with Angelfish how to safely enjoy the water, and the sport, that he loves. 

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